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Giving a Compliment or Making a Complaint

    Compliments are terrific! If an MCFD or Okanagan Foster Parents Association staff is doing a great job please put your comments in writing. Send them to the individual and their supervisor.

    Complaints - Start at the Source
    If you have a problem, resolve it by discussing the issue with the person or persons involved. If this is not satisfactory, ask to speak to that person’s supervisor.

    Issues that still remain unresolved to your satisfaction may be addressed in a number of ways:

    MCFD – Foster Parent Partnership Committee
    If you have complaints or concerns related to MCFD policy or practice you are asked to contact your local Foster Parents Association or the Foster Parent Coordinator for your area. They will take your concerns to the Partnership Committee, which meets regularly in most communities.

    Dispute Resolution for Caregivers - Resource Work Policy 8.21
    Caregivers have access to a dispute resolution process that adheres to the principles of administrative fairness. If you have tried to resolve the issue with the person involved and their supervisor and you are still unsatisfied, this is the route you should take.

    All Foster Parents who initiate a dispute resolution process is urged to contact a trained Support Worker. See Protocols and Support for more information.

    Giving a Compliment or Making a Complaint in the Interior Region
    The document Giving a Compliment or Making a Complaint in the Interior Region (PDF) gives information on what to do if you have a concern or complaint not addressable by any of the previously described means. Your Foster Parent Coordinator is available to assist you with this process.

    Okanagan Foster Parents Association Personnel Committee
    If you wish to make a complaint about the actions of a staff or contractor of Okanagan Foster Parents Association please send your complaint in writing to

    OFPA Personnel Committee
    965 Graham Road
    Kelowna, BC
    V1X 5X4
    Email: Personnel

    A member of the OFPA Personnel Committee will contact you within 2 weeks to discuss the issue with you. If further action is required you will be given information on how to proceed.