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B.C. Foster Care Education Program is mandatory training for all MCFD Foster Parents in the Province of BC. New Foster Parents are expected to complete this training during their first two years of service.

This program is standardized throughout the province and available to caregivers at no cost.

To register, please contact the Foster Parent Coordinator responsible for your area.

For information about training options contact SOK


For information about training options contact COK


For information about training options contact NOK

Salmon Arm
For information about training options contact Shuswap

Program Description

The B.C. Foster Care Education Program is comprised of 53 hours of class
instruction presented in 14 modules.

Introduction (3 hrs)
Program overview, emphasis on the Ministry of Children and Family
Development Guardianship Model, teamwork, and the foster family role and
responsibilities in providing care to children.

Communication Skills and Self Awareness (3 hrs)
Self-awareness and effective
communication skills are fundamental to caregiving relationships with
children and youth, families and the child care team.

The Effects of Caregiving (3 hrs)
Exploring the effects of caregiving on foster families and developing sources of support.

The Child's Family (3 hrs)
Understanding the importance of the family to the child and the caregivers
role in working with and involving the child's family is explored.

Observe, Record & Report (3 hrs)
Learning the benefits and purposes of observing, reporting and recording the child's daily progress to ensure quality of care.

Child & Youth Development (3 hrs)
Understanding how children and youth develop and grow and potential
influences on their development, including the influence a foster parent may have.

Attachment, Separation & Loss (6 hrs)
Understanding the impact of loss on children and learning how to promote healthy attachments for children and youth in care.

When Children Experience Abuse & Neglect (6 hrs)
Recognizing the symptoms and indicators of abuse and neglect and the effects on children and how to respond.

Guiding Behaviour of Children & Youth (6 hrs)
Ways of understanding and guiding behaviours that are child/youth-centred approaches.

Cultural Responsiveness (3 hrs)
Recognizing the importance of maintaining cultural identity for healthy development, and supportive ways to respond to the racial and cultural experiences of children.

Aboriginal Children In Care (3 hrs)
Understanding and integrating the child's Aboriginal culture in ways that promote and enhance the well being of Aboriginal children in care.

Substance Misuse (3 hrs)
Recognizing the indicators and possible contributing factors of substance misuse in a child or youth and ways to provide support and access resources.

FAS/FAE/NAS (3 hrs)
Understanding the implications of caring for children whose development and behaviours may be influenced by these medical conditions and how to respond and support the needs of these children.

Suicide Awareness (5 hrs)
This module on suicide intervention is designed for caregivers of children and youth placed in their care.